South Brent Amateur Dramatic Society


SBADS Long Term Production Dates Look Ahead

The following table lists the planned production dates for SBADS over the next few years.  While the next 18 months are firmly fixed, and beginning to be populated, beyond that the dates are slightly more provisional, albeit firmly pencilled into the Village Hall diary!

Director Bidding

As always, potential Directors are invited to bid for a production as early in advance as they wish.  The bid should include which production dates and what play (or range of plays) the Director might wish to take on.  In the event of more than one Director bidding for a production date, the Committee will talk to all bidders and make a decision, offering alternative dates to any unsuccessful bidders.  In the event that no bids are received three months before the published audition dates (which has been the norm in recent years), the Committee will try to find volunteer directors and plays.  In the event that none can be found or persuaded before one month before auditions, the Committee will cancel the production dates in the Village Hall diary.

Committee Support

Successful Directors will be supported by the Committee as they prepare, to include: purchasing candidate scripts from the rights holders to down-select, obtaining performance rights in good time, publicising auditions and performance dates and all aspects of turning the production from a thought to reality.


Production DatesAudition(s)RehearsalsPlayDirector
21 - 23 Nov 19complete8 Sep - 17 Nov 19The Real Inspector HoundDi Goodey
14 - 16 May 208 Mar 2015 Mar -10 May 20tbctbc
20 - 23 Jan 215-6 Sep 2013 Sep 20 - 17 Jan 21Pantomimetbc
13 - 15 May 217 Mar 2114 Mar - 9 May 21tbctbc
18 -20 Nov 2112 Sep 2119 Sep - 14 Nov 21tbctbc
19 - 21 May 2213 Mar 2220 Mar - 15 May 22tbctbc
18 - 21 Jan 233-4 Sep 2211 Sep 22 - 15 Jan 23Pantomimetbc